RH is Yarr's owner, he found this puffle while sailing the seas. Both of them live in the RH island with red puffles.


Bambadee and RH are good friends. He was found by Rockhopper in the Migrator. He and RH keeps a bracelet than it means their friendship.

Aunt ArcticEdit

They are good friends. They tie as the 3rd mascot that everyone can add to their friend list. RH gave her a dare a moose head.


They are friends. They dont show interaction too much. Once during the construction of the RH quest, Gary helped the captain to upgrade his ship to sail to all the parades of the party.


They are friends. Sensei trained RH, but he wasnt good at it. They said good reviews of each other during an interview. It is possible that Sensei and RH are relatives, the have beards and bushy eyebrows.



You could add him to your friend list. You have to meet him first and get his bg. U could travel with RH to the Shipwreck Island during the quest.

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